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The trip

Pictures from Poland

The 19th of May was the day when 40 students from Prins wilhelm gymnasiet travelled to Krakow, Poland.

The trip was a life changing experience with laughter and tears speech and silence. Everyone had different thoughts and plenty of questions. How could people in the second world war treat each other so badly...all because of their spiritual belief or ethnic background. This was the common question that circled around everyone's mind.

To start from scratch, we first got to see the beautiful city of Krakow with its fascinating architecture and amazing restaurants. The second and third day we visited the concentration camps Auschwitz and Birkenau. There we found the remaining of the horrific acts caused by the Nazi germans. Who killed more than 1.3 million humans, from which were jews but also romani, sovjets just to name a few. The guide whom we followed in Auschwitz and Birkenau showed us different gas chambres. Most of them had already been destroyed by the Natizis who tried to erase all evidence. We even got to climb the gate tower from which we could see how big the camp really was.

The whole experience was very interesting and eye opening. Till this day we students can not really comprehend how a human could treat his fellow civilian so cold hearted and without any mercy. That’s why we need to be more gentle and loving instead of hating and judging each other based on the physical appearance, ethnic background or even religion…

By: Abdullah Al-Abdulridha NA2


Some of the pictures from Poland Some of the pictures from Poland
Some of the pictures from Poland Some of the pictures from Poland
Some of the pictures from Poland  

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